Resource List

  1. Davina’s Kitchen Vegan Cook Book : Recipe book by Davina Gayle-Harris
  2. Textbook:  “Nutrition and Wellness. A vegetarian way to better health.” Second edition, by Winston J Craig.  Golden Harvest Books, Michigan. 2013
  3. The Natural Remedies Kitchen Food Combination Chart
  4. Essential ingredients List
  5. Essential equipment list

Essential Ingredients List – please source or have an alternative to these for the cooking classes which begins form July Monday 13th


Essential kitchen tools and equipment Essential vegan pantry ingredients  
Cutting board Agar Celery
Knife Agave Mixed peppers
Food processor Linseed Red onion
Large spoons Sunflower seeds White onion
Tongs Pumpkin seeds Spring onion
Colander Sesame seeds Garlic
Strainer Black seeds Thyme
Tongs Honey Vegan parmesan
Box grater Nuts Vegan mozzarella
Measuring spoon Mixed herbs Vegan cheddar
Whisk Yeast flakes
Vegetable peeler Marmite Basil
Grater Black strap molasses Potato
Mixer Smoked paprika parsnip
Baking paper Cumin Coconut cream
Air fryer Cardamom Soy cream
Mixing bowls Turmeric Plant base milk
Bread maker Rosemary Plain vegan yogurt
Measuring cups Bay leaf Quorn pieces
Measuring spoons tahini Dry soya
Spatulas Pimento Tofu
Casserole dish Cloves Tempeh
Pots and pans for cooking Star anise Variety of beans and lentils
Wok Cardamom Grains
Skillet Olive oil Corn flour
Saucepans Coconut oil Chopped tomato
Large display plates Rice bran oil
Oven Seeds
Cooker Variety of peas and beans
Rolling pin Chick peas
Can opener Olive oil
Lemon zester grater Coconut oil
Vegetable peeler Sesame oil with high smoke temperature
Loaf tin Wraps
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